They’re saying Charlie Brooker has announced that all Black Mirror episodes take place in a shared world. That doesn’t annoy or frustrate me, I can’t quite get agitated about it. But it leaves me a fraction more exhausted. Fandom exhausts me with its neediness, like a dog constantly going back to the bowl between meals just in case something it missed materialises. So I could have done without the scene tying Mute to Moon, but all in all I recognise that it could have been much more contrived. Its pretty good but definitely flawed. Skarsgard is really good; Rudd was ok. I don’t know how I feel about a constant stream of all-male casts in movies revolving around the murdered woman. Whatever I feel, winking at the women-in-fridge trope was on the nose. And yeah, why the Moon connection? Did they not trust that Duncan Jones would have enough reputation to bring an audience? I preferred Moon but I think the critical reaction is harsh.

Post for 2018-02-04

This would probably work better if I wrote daily. Probably beyond my limitations.

A palette cleanser

Lots of my friends are trying to re-focus on blogging this year. Ok. One of my friends.

Random Mrandelbot

Cover of Oh! Pascal! Turbo Pascal 6.0, by Doug Cooper

A Complete Graph of Hate

A Tweet.

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