Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. And hatred leads to renewed contracts powered by lock-in.
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Trying something different, I attempt to just talk about things that interested me during the week.
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I have been on holidays since I left work at 14:00 December 23rd, 2015.

Since then I have:

  1. Hosted Christmas[1], roasting three chickens and a pork, and constructing a trifle.
  2. Constructed a garden shed, which was a pleasure[2].
  3. Had three and a half tonne[3] of garden soil delivered, which I then moved from the driveway to the garden.

So…finally something got finished.

  1. Only one hospital visit required, and the thing was ok enough afterwards.

  2. Two person job with just me and D with her injured shoulder; had to re-drill many holes; got sunburnt; only one mistake; it still stands.

  3. And googled tonne vs ton more times than I care to admit because I just can’t get which is which to stick.

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In which I rather self-servingly note the iconography of the death-of-the-corporation paradigm shift. Also, thanks Aquarion.

Mostly I don’t write because I have insufficient desire to marshal an army of words to accompany a corporal of thought. But tonight…five whole corporals!

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