Trying Out a New Design

Consciously, no shamelessly modelled/stolen from Medium. Well, full bleed image up the top and a column of text down the middle with wide margins (depending on your screen size, of course), that’s what I liked and worked into my design here. Even the limited-width column is hardly trademarked by Obvious Corp, that’s been around for years. Pretty sure Jakob Nielsen banged on about it, and if not he then others.

No, it’s the full bleed image that I fell in love with at Medium and will mark me as “inspired”. I love their fonts as well, but I fear I just don’t have the taste to apply to the problem. Maybe nxt time I have other things I want to do and need something to do in order to procrastinate.

So obviously credit goes to Obvious and Medium for their style and taste which I aspire to. Additionally, credit to Qing Wang from whom I took the YinYang theme as a starting point. I found the theme while specifically looking for something Medium inspired, and while not what I was looking for, it was something to work with and was pretty quick to get 80% of what I wanted.

As always, the final 20% takes all the time, and that is still ongoing. The archives template is pretty gross, and as suggested above, the typography needs love.

Mostly this was an exercise in learning the basics of responsive web design. Before I knew almost nothing about the finer details; now, I almost know something about it. The mechanics of making it work are there to grasp, and I reckon I may just have that grip. But again it is design itself, that component that requires taste, that eludes me. I once fancied myself a web designer, but I pretty quickly realised I was merely a web developer, best utilised at implementing the designs.

So go forth into the world, young and fresh UI. Slay me dragons and lay them before my door.

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