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What I Learned Doing 250 Interviews at Google

I’ve done some posts on interviews, which I more or less still agree with. I’m not working in Google or Microsoft, I’m in an agency with considerably fewer engineering standards. Still, there’s a lot here that still works outside the mileu of 7 or 8 1 hr interviews in a day per candidate.

In particular asking questions that can be drilled down into. The Number Swap question really is a Junior Dev kind of question - despite the depressing number of people who couldn’t give even the naive/best solution.

Meanwhile, Etsy, eh? I was vaguely aware they were doing a lot of developer community outreach - I’ve seen a lot of Code as Craft fly through my feeds - but it has taken some time for it to dawn on me they are just an interesting dev shop as Facebook/Google/Amazon. More so than the first two, I suppose, from a ethical point of view.

Rugby League

  1. Brent Tate’s post-State of Origin comments anger NSW players
  2. Brent Tate’s critics should hang their heads in shame

Meanwhile, I did watch the first game of the State of Origin series. Oh and look, a pair of fucking dickheads lifted another player into a dangerous postion and dropped him. I’m biased though, right, because it was a Queensland player and I support Queenslander. Oh, but it’s all okay, because Wally Lewis - the Queenslander’s Queenslander in the 80’s - said mid-game there was no malice and he’s a one-eyed Queenslander.

And, and the guy escaped suspension with sufficient downgrading of the grading of the offense. So yeah, fuck the NRL. I don’t see myself staying away from the Origin games, but I won’t be watching the NRL competition itself any more.


WWDC tends to leave me reasonably buzzed anyway, but I almost paid the $99 to become an Apple Developer just so I could pull the XCode beta just to play with Swift.

I didn’t, because the chances of me doing anything more than playing are vanishingly small.


Won’t buy. Will download the free “basic” intro PDF. Still want to play Original or 1st ed again. Still not looking for a game, because I still have a very jaundiced view of Skype+computerised-tabletops.

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