Clearing Tabs in my brain

Adventure Capital

No, that game you saw, AdVenture Capitalist, that’s not mine. Despite promises of finishing things…not me. I started it, obviously; twice even. But I sure didn’t finish it.

Assuming Jason sees this post, it may amuse him to know that while looking for that tweet, I had to scroll back through all the Ashes matches. le sigh!

Assorted rambling starting with music

Possibly you recall a “study” that came out in April suggesting that if you are 33 and up, you are statistically unlikely to encounter new music. You may even recall that in the game of telephone that is clickbait media, it was presented as something it was not. Which is to say, it was presented as a study. Anyway, I thought of that yesterday after I, a forty year old man, introduced the child to a new artist (Halsey[1]. I started thinking back over all the new music I’ve purchased this year.

There was a push at the beginning of the year to persuade people to only read books authored by women and writers of colour. I…did not do that. Sorry. But, turns out, I have almost done that with music. About 75% women at any rate. It was partly a conscious decision, partly because there hasn’t been much I heard from men that resonated. The Royal Blood album and a few Hudson Hawke tracks. A Saints track - the Saints track actually. It started in 2014, amplified by August 2014, and has carried on into this year. It might actually go all the way back to Steubenville. A switch flipped and I was repulsed by the world. With that, a realisation that I no longer wanted to be part of the problem by way of passivity.

So affirmative action, and all. Preference my money going to women and/or non-white people. Re-broadcast more women. Really think hard - do you really need the opinions of yet another white bro in his twenties.

If I ever get to recruit again I’ll follow some advice I received at a talk recently. Women read job ads and if they find a few points they don’t match, won’t apply; men find a few points they do meet and apply. So interview all the women, don’t even look at their resume. Hell, interview all the women anyway if you’re in tech. We’ll never get 51% women to men if we don’t.


So. We won the Ashes. Yes, and lost the Ashes. But also, we won them.

That said, I agree with Chris Rogers when he said

“I’ve been over here a long time and I like watching the football - particularly how England go out in the big tournaments.”

Google and Facebook

The less of both of them in my life, the better. I am now down to a single Google service in my life, Gmail, and even that is mostly just a spam drop. Facebook hangs around solely so I can talk to the captain of the Australian Volley Ball team when I need to score tickets.

Apply at Google? No. Even if I were good enough, double no.

Alex McKinnon

I hope he sues the NRL for millions.

  1. I particularly like Track 9 on Badlands, Control. Al Swearengen’s Vile Task monologue followed by this song is my pre-arrival-at-the-office psyche up soundtrack.