Post for 2018-02-04

This would probably work better if I wrote daily. Probably beyond my limitations.

Altered Carbon

I am seven episodes into the show, so it’s clearly doing something right.

I really enjoyed the book. This is more or less the spirit of the book while not being a straight retread of the story. My favourite parts of the books were always the Quellisms, Falconer appeals to that part of me that is pretty sure I’m not a communist but is angry enough about our variably distributed crapsack world to idly dream about revolution. So I was happy they managed to get Quellcrist into the show.

North Sydney

I no longer work in North Sydney. The product I work on was sold to another company, and they moved the team into new office space. I’m not a fan of North Sydney. I believe I will be adding to my list of Jobs I Don’t Want “Anything north of the bridge.”

New laptops

Part of the move was replacing our aging (5ish years old) desktop computers with new laptops. While I was setting up the laptop, I was musing…

New laptops for everyone in the team today. As I download and install all of the tools I use, I am wondering why software engineers expect employers to provide tools. Why don’t we have our own that meet our specific needs?

New Laptops

It’s a thought that makes more sense for freelancers, I expect, and particularly those in the open source space. For employees working with the dotnet stack, providing my own copies of something like Visual Studio would be a hell of cost.

I tried to work out what it would look like for my employer to just provide a pre-baked VM with the required tools, an I could just run that on my own laptop. That might work. EC2 instances with the toolset that the company needs to provide for me to do my job probably works out more costly than the laptops.

I stopped thinking about it when I realised there really isn’t a reason for me to even be using the costly full-on professional version of Visual Studio. The free version is actually all I really need.

Shhh, don’t tell the people shelling out thousands on me and my team.

(Why does my dog like to lick the soles of my feet? What’s in it for her?)