They’re saying Charlie Brooker has announced that all Black Mirror episodes take place in a shared world. That doesn’t annoy or frustrate me, I can’t quite get agitated about it. But it leaves me a fraction more exhausted. Fandom exhausts me with its neediness, like a dog constantly going back to the bowl between meals just in case something it missed materialises. So I could have done without the scene tying Mute to Moon, but all in all I recognise that it could have been much more contrived. Its pretty good but definitely flawed. Skarsgard is really good; Rudd was ok. I don’t know how I feel about a constant stream of all-male casts in movies revolving around the murdered woman. Whatever I feel, winking at the women-in-fridge trope was on the nose. And yeah, why the Moon connection? Did they not trust that Duncan Jones would have enough reputation to bring an audience? I preferred Moon but I think the critical reaction is harsh.

The Culture

Speaking of fandom, I don’t believe Amazon, a rapacious capitalist organisation set on exploiting every aspect of humanity and sucking the human community dry to get a few more dollars into the pockets of a oligarchic few…

I don’t believe that kind of vampire squid can possibly produce an adaption of The Culture books that doesn’t end up being basically Star Trek,

So despite being leery of the news that , the vampire squid will be creating Star Trek by another name, I started reading the books again. I skipped Consider Phlebas but remembered why I liked Player of Games so much. I’d forgotten most of Use of Weapons, and I just stumbled across a detail in Excession I had never noticed before, so that’s nice.

My Teen Diary

Not quite my teen diary, but D had a joke about me finding and restoring the 2002-2006 version of this blog.

What I found was, hidden away in a folder, a zip pf the code from my blog engine. It was the first project of any size I created for myself. And the database is still siting out on my host, so I just took a snapshot and restored everything on my laptop. It was all broken, but getting it up and running again was a lot easier than I had anticipated - wasn’t the weekend long project I thought it would be, it was all over on Friday night.

Yeah, baby. Friday night spent fixing 16 year old PHP code to make it work in v7. Rock on 🤘!

Anyway, not a single character of the content will see the light of day. The worst bit was being reminded what I thought of Mark Latham. Ugh!


However, I have been writing things in PHP again. Partially because I am reacting to Contempt Culture but I was also intrigued by another blog post, Stop writing PHP like it’s 2009… – Florian’s Blog. I can’t say that I am completely living up to that call to action - because I was also inspired by Gary Bernhardt to start writing a web framework from scratch. I was writing a simple reference site to test out the framework I created. I will still finish that, but I think I will try and re-build my old blog in this new framework. Because why not?