Post for 2018-02-04

A palette cleanser

Random Mrandelbot

A Complete Graph of Hate


What I did over the holidays



Clearing Tabs in my brain

People Person

The Force Awakens

Only 48 more years until D’s sentence is complete and she murders me

I start things

Phil Hughes


Swift for c# Dev Shops

Some notes relevant to my interests


How to fix the Star Wars prequelss

Rugby League

Why did you do that?

Trying out a new design

Oh Cino, am I really doing this?

Adventure Capital

2013: A review of how I entertained myself

Swap 2

Markdown in Fargo

D&D and me: What happened?


Google Reader

Postmodern Pirate Queen

A Memory Of Light

So yeah

Reading in 2012

The Retcon

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