When it comes to blogging, I clearly have a problem with commitment. Part of the problem is I am all heat of the moment reaction; so much better suited to Twitter really. Says the man with fewer than 20,000 tweets even after nearly nine years on the service. My point is though, any time I have something to say, a snarky 140 characters is at my disposal now.

What I did over the holidays

I have been on holidays since I left work at 14:00 December 23rd, 2015.


I can’t remember how this came up. I think it might be because I mentioned I had applied for a public service job. One of us probably made some flippant remark that that would require losing the t-shirt and jeans and wearing a suit.


I was at a meet up last night and a question was asked, who considers themselves a tech leader versus a people leader. It went about 1/3 the former and 2/3 the later. Nobody was asked who thought themselves neither, but a friend copped to thinking she is shit at both. I’m only just good enough at tech leadership to know how much I leave to desire, and not good enough at people leadership to have a good gauge on just how appallingly bad I am at it. Ok, that’s the introvert and the imposter fear speaking. I’m actually pretty good at tech leadership, probably, if I trusted myself a bit more. I have been known to build trust and respect with people and help them get through shadows of valleys of death. I do need to work on my inability to maintain good cheer in the face of fools, and my willingness to be confrontational when the need comes.

Clearing Tabs in my brain

Adventure Capital

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