πŸ”– Ashley McNamara - Useful books for people in the tech industry

Curated list of book recommendations via Ashley McNamara. Some of it is meh, some of it is pretty damn good.

πŸ”– My future in tech | Shoehorn With Teeth

I keep coming back to this article. It isn’t quite my own thinking but it is a bird of the same feather. Also, Disillusion of Smaug? Perfect.

πŸ”– The Religion of Workism Is Making Americans Miserable

Your job does not provide meaning. Or transcendence.

What your job provides is additional monetary value to whoever owns the organisation your job is within. If that is you, congratulations. For everyone else, go home at 5:00 and do something better.

πŸ”– 10 Extremely Important Philosophical Questions from History

πŸ”– Functional Programming in C#

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