People Person

Several years ago, perhaps more years than I care to actually count, I worked at a marketing agency with a man. Several, really, but one in particular. Nice guy, was dating a dancer who was part of the crew of So You Think You Can Dance. He’d had some trouble earlier in his life and was picking up the pieces with what seemed like a job that was kind of beneath him. I could have learned a lot from him if he had cared enough to be a mentor or if I had been a little more engaged. He left after a year, more or less.

The Force Awakens

Context; if you need it.

Only 48 more years until D's sentence is complete and she murders me

Happy anniversary!

I start things

I start projects semi-regularly. About ten percent of the way through things I have started, I start questioning their worth. And shortly after, I’ll stop working on them.

Phil Hughes

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